About RESUME...

About RESUME...

It has been 12 years since the select shop [Amboy] opened in Nara City.

Mainly focusing on domestic casual wear makers, we are developing a wide range of products regardless of brand or genre, but we have set up a [RESUME] vintage watch corner in the same store.

Modern smartwatches are certainly convenient, but they don't really match the clothes that our store has selected.

Also, I want the accessories I wear personally to be as simple as possible. There is also the thought that there is no same thing as one, carving the precious time of the customer.

And we will propose a vintage watch as an item to decorate your wrist.

In dealing with vintage watches, RESUME focuses most on maintenance (overhaul) repairs so that customers can choose watches with peace of mind.

A vintage that is over 80 years old. Still, the watches at that time were assembled and finished one by one by craftsmen, and although they were high-end products, the accuracy and quality of the parts that can be used without problems are still good.

At our shop, we check the condition of all watches that have been used for many years at the purchase stage, and only carefully select and provide watches that our customers can use with peace of mind.

On top of that, RESUME's exclusive first-class watch technicians, who know the precise mechanical structure and the characteristics and peculiarities of each part, will disassemble, clean, replace parts, and lubricate all the watches you purchase to ensure the performance of the watch. After preparing it so that it can be demonstrated, we will deliver it.

RESUME will support customers who have a vintage watch for the first time, including how to handle the watch and aftercare, so that they can have a long-lasting relationship with the watch.

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