User Guide

How to order

1. Add the item you wish to purchase to your cart and proceed to "Checkout".
2. Fill in your contact information and shipping address, select your payment method, and click the "Pay Now" button.
3. We will send you an order confirmation email, and your order will be completed.
    *If you place an order using an email address on a mobile phone or smartphone that has designated domain reception, you may not be able to receive emails sent from our store.


    Our store accepts the following payment methods: credit card, bank transfer, and shopping loan.

    *You can also use "PayPay" in physical stores.


    After adding the products you want to your cart, enter the required information and select "Pay Now."

    *Credit cards accepted: VISA, Master Card, AMEX, JCB

    Bank transfer

    The total amount to be paid is the price shown for each item.

    After you place your order, we will inform you of the total amount to be paid by email.

    Please note that transfer fees will be borne by the customer.

    After confirming your payment, we will send you an email confirming your payment and then begin overhauling the purchased item.

    [Bank transfer details]
    Nanto Bank (Nanto Ginkou) Omiya Branch (Oomiya Shiten) Ordinary 2051172 Imanishi Kosuke

    *We apologize. Please note that bank transfer fees will be borne by the customer.
    *We will ship after confirming your payment.
    *Please be careful not to lose your receipt when you make a transfer.

    Shopping Loan

    You can use the payment system provided by JACCS.

    You can apply for installment payments in up to 60 installments at our store or online.

    We offer free interest payments up to 12 installments.

    You can check the monthly payment amount from the 12th installment onwards on the "JACCS Simulation".

    1. Click on the Jacks Simulation banner

    2. Enter your payment amount

    3. Choose your payment method

    4. Select the month you want to start payment

    5. Select the number of payments

    *We regret that we cannot accept bonus payments.

    Steps for using a shopping loan

    1. Product Order

    Select the product, add it to your cart and enter your details.

    Then, select "Shopping Credit" as your payment method and click "Pay Now."

    2. Shopping loan information email

    When you receive an email from JACCS regarding your shopping loan application, please follow the link in the email to proceed to the procedure.

    3. Shopping loan application procedure

    Please enter the "number of installments" and "required information" according to the instructions on the page.

    4. Review

    The screening process goes as follows: screening → phone call to verify identity → notification of screening results to the store → reporting to the customer.

    The examination takes approximately 30 minutes on average.
    *If you apply for review after 7:00 p.m., the response may be postponed until the next day or later.

    5. Transfer the down payment

    If you have set a down payment, we will send you an email with the bank details to transfer the amount to. Please transfer the amount to the specified account according to the instructions.

    *Once the screening is complete and we have confirmed the deposit, we will proceed to the overhaul process.

    6. Shipping of Products

    Please wait a little while for your product to be delivered.