About RESUME~古き良き緻密な世界~ #3

About RESUME ~The Good Old Detailed World~ #3

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RESUME is a shop in Nara that deals in vintage watches.


Introducing the overhaul work we do at our shop - The good old world of precision

In this third installment, we will introduce the crystal replacement that was carried out during the initial check of the Omega Speedmaster Mark II , which we currently carry in our store.


The Speedmaster is one of Omega's most representative models.

Equipped with a chronograph (stopwatch) function, the first model was adopted as the official watch of NASA . It is a popular model also known as the "Moonwatch" because it was worn by Captain Neil Armstrong, who took the first step on the moon, during his mission.

Now, this time's "Speedmaster Mark II "

When this watch arrived at our store, the glass crystal was in the condition shown in the photo, with scratches and cloudiness, and a chip in part of the tachymeter, which can be considered the face of the watch, and it was in a state of serious damage.

[The condition is not good as the dial is very cloudy, difficult to see, and the tachymeter scale is missing.]

[There is verdigris on the back of the windshield]

Although it would be easy to fix the problem by simply replacing the crystal with a new one, the parts of a watch that are said to be the most difficult to repair are actually the "exterior parts" such as the crystal, case, crown, and hands.

The "movement," which can be considered the main body of a watch, is produced in large quantities by manufacturers when they make a watch.

However, since parts such as the case and hands are generally not easily broken, manufacturers do not produce many surplus parts.

Therefore, if you damage an exterior part, it is not uncommon to find that it is difficult to find the part in stock or that repair costs are high.


Furthermore, in this case, the crystal was special, with the tachymeter printed directly onto the glass, and the Mark II is a rare model, so it was extremely difficult to repair the crystal to its beautiful condition.


"Do watchmakers have the network to access not only repair techniques but also rare parts from that time?"

As I mentioned in my previous blog, a parts supply network is an important requirement for being an excellent watch repair technician.

[Rare deadstock windshield]

Our in-house engineers have such a network, so they were able to obtain genuine Omega crystals from that time, as well as crystals in dead stock condition.

The windshield was successfully replaced and the watch was restored to its best condition.

We now sell the "Speedmaster Mark II" as the watch with the most beautiful crystal glass in the world.

[This is the original look. The sporty design is attractive.]

Our store is committed to maintaining the original condition of items as much as possible, so during initial inspections, we repair or replace any necessary parts before putting the items on display in the store.

All of this is to ensure that our customers can use their vintage watches with peace of mind ...

If you have any concerns or questions when purchasing a watch from our store, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will do our best to assist you and answer your questions.

We look forward to your continued support of [ RESUME ].

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