About RESUME~古き良き緻密な世界~ #4

About RESUME ~The Good Old Detailed World~ #4

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RESUME is a shop in Nara that deals in vintage watches.

 We will introduce the overhaul work we perform at our shop - the good old world of precision.

 This is the fourth installment, and we will be taking a deeper look at the overhaul work (hereinafter referred to as OH ) that our store actually performs, which we introduced in the first installment.

This time, we will talk about "one-sided swing correction."


Whenever we perform an overhaul , we issue an overhaul certificate and keep a record of each step of the work performed.
The item that is almost always filled out is "One-sided swing correction."

"Single-sided swing correction" is also known as "beat error," and is an item that greatly affects the accuracy of a watch.

"Single-sided correction" is a phenomenon that occurs when the mounting position of the anchor, the part that controls the accuracy of the watch, is shifted from the center. If left unchecked, it can cause the accuracy of the watch to become unstable or even stop working.

If you use a vintage watch for many years, it will become necessary to have it corrected for uneven movement.

However, although this is an important process in terms of precision, the repair technique is extremely difficult, and it is said that perfect repair is impossible without the necessary technical skills.

Now, let me explain what kind of work we actually do.

The main process of correcting one-sided swing can be roughly divided into:

1. Adjustment of the balance spring

2. Single swing adjustment

 It can be divided into two steps:


1. Adjustment of the hairspring

[The mainspring before correction. The spiral shape is distorted.]

[The mainspring after correction. It is extremely difficult to correct it into a beautiful spiral.]

The hairspring is one of the parts that make up the "balance wheel," the heart of a mechanical watch.

The ideal shape is a beautiful spiral, but as the watch is used, various factors can cause the spiral shape to become distorted.

If the shape is distorted, accurate precision cannot be achieved, so the shape is corrected.

It is an extremely difficult task to align a spring that is as thin as a hair.

This is extremely delicate work, and it is important not only to get the shape of the spirals right, but also to make sure the spirals are evenly spaced and horizontal when viewed from the side.

The photo shows the actual repairs made by our technicians.

Once you've made the edits properly, you'll see beautiful swirls, just like in the photo.

2. Single swing adjustment

Once the hairspring corrected in step 1 is placed on the balance, the next step is to fine-tune the balance and anchor so that they are centered.


[Adjust the pendulum so that it is centered in the circled area]

Adjust so that the balance jewel and the anchor are centered.

To adjust it, insert a special homemade tool into the balance wheel's collet and turn the collet left and right to adjust it.

[The thing circled in red is the whisker ball]

The allowable error is in the millimeter range.

A deviation of just a few millimeters in the rotation can greatly change the swing, and even the slightest touch with a tool can cause the balance spring to lose its spiral motion. It is a very delicate world...

This sense of adjustment can only be acquired through years of experience and is truly a skilled technique.

 Even for vintage watches, we aim to achieve a high level of accuracy of within one minute per day. We do not simply ensure that the watch works, but that it keeps accurate time.

High precision = proper maintenance

Customers do not know what goes into an overhaul...which is why we want you to experience a proper overhaul through the high precision of our watches.

All of this is to ensure that our customers can use their vintage watches with peace of mind ...

 If you have any concerns or questions when purchasing a watch from our store, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will do our best to assist you and answer your questions.

We look forward to your continued support of [ RESUME ].

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