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Introducing the Seiko "Seikomatic" made in 1965 .

The "Seikomatic" was a model produced between 1960 and 1967 as a thin, high-end automatic watch. While it was equipped with an automatic winding mechanism, it was designed to be as thin as a hand-wound model.

This model is the first-generation Matic Cal. 603 , which has excellent automatic winding capabilities, with additional functions added including date and day of the week.

The case has been made highly waterproof and the movement has been made more durable, making this an even more practical watch.
This watch was highly popular among many people, especially businessmen at the time.


The Seiko "Seikomatic" we are introducing this time is a model that features an impressive large day of the week window at the 6 o'clock position and an added day of the week function.

The dial is a silver dial with a sunburst finish.
The color of the dial changes depending on the angle of the light, and it has a unique luster that is very appealing.

The hands and indexes are mountain-cut dolphin hands and upright bar indexes with multi-faceted cut processing.
Although it has a simple structure, each part is made large, greatly improving visibility.

The bezel is a fluted bezel, which means "vertical stripes."
The bezel is cut in a mountain shape, which scatters light and enhances the look of the watch.
The bezel and dial match, giving the design a luxurious feel that is different from other Matic watches.

The case has a clean design with the crown at the 4 o'clock position stored inside the case.
By storing the crown inside the case, there is no need for manual winding, demonstrating Seiko's confidence in its automatic winding mechanism.

The Seikomatic is simple and highly practical.

The movement is a 26 -jewel automatic, Cal. 6206B .

The entire movement is gold-plated, making it a beautiful, high-end model known as a "gold machine."

Of course, it is also highly functional, with an automatic winding mechanism that uses the Magic Lever system and a movement that achieves high precision.

In addition, a date and day of the week function has been added, and the date can be fast-forwarded by operating the crown.
The days of the week are only listed in English.


Size: height: 44mm , width: 36.2mm , thickness: 11.3mm , weight: 55g .

A perfect size for an average man's wrist.
This is a simple model designed for business use, so you can wear it in any situation.
It goes well with formal occasions such as suits and jackets, as well as shirts and polo shirts.


The condition is that there is a small dent on the left side of the case, but it does not affect use and there is no other noticeable damage.
The dial is in beautiful condition with no signs of corrosion.
The movement is in good working order and all functions operate smoothly.

Product Details
Year of manufacture 1965 model
Movement Cal.6206B / 26 jewels / Automatic
Case Size Length 44mm (including lugs) / Width 36.2mm (including crown) / Thickness 11.3mm / Lug width 19mm / Weight 55g (including belt)
Case material SS (Stainless Steel)
accessories Watch body/Original case/Our store warranty (1 year free warranty)
situation Antique (Used)
Waterproof function Not waterproof
Note *This product will be overhauled after your order is placed, so shipping will take approximately 1 to 2 months .
Please be aware of this.

*Please note that the color of the actual product may differ slightly from what you see on your screen.

*This product is also sold in stores. We update our inventory regularly, but the product you purchased may be out of stock. Please note that if there is no stock available, your order may be cancelled.

All watches sold in our store are internally inspected by a professional watch mechanic upon arrival and are only sold after being determined to be genuine, so you can use them with confidence.

When you purchase a watch, we will deliver it to you with a brand new leather strap.
Please select the color you want from the order selection tab and place your order.
*For products that come with original watch straps or metal bands, the leather strap will not be attached and will be sent separately as a spare.
A special case for the watch will also be included with the shipment.

Please be sure to read the following information after purchasing an antique watch.

When selling antique watches at RESUME, we do not immediately hand over the watch to you upon receiving your order. Instead, we ask a professional craftsman to overhaul it (hereinafter referred to as OH) and deliver it to you after the OH is completed. (This takes about 1 to 2 months.)

A professional craftsman with first-class watch repair technician qualifications will completely disassemble your watch, replace worn parts such as the internal gaskets, clean it, oil it, and perform a thorough overhaul, maintaining it to a daily accuracy of about ±1 minute.
When we deliver the machine, we will also send you our own overhaul certificate, which shows what kind of overhaul we performed, as well as photos of the machine being disassembled and maintained.

Of course, due to the nature of the product itself being a second-hand item, there is no guarantee that it will never break, but we ask for your understanding that we take this approach so that you can enjoy the original performance of the watch and use it with peace of mind in the future.

When you purchase a product, we offer a one-year warranty depending on the model. Even if the warranty period has expired, we will properly repair the product, but there will be a fee. If there is no repair shop near you, please feel free to contact us.

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