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Citizen has the meaning of citizen, and the company name is a long-established brand that is one of the domestic watch brands.

 The founder, Mr. Kamekichi Yamazaki, had a strong commitment to technology, and not only traveled abroad to learn technology himself, but also opened a watch school and focused on training watchmakers.

 Citizen is always actively trying to develop new technologies, and the first domestically produced wristwatch with a shock-resistant function, ``Parashock'', was so superior that it later became the name of the shock-resistant device.

 Its high technological capabilities have established it as a brand trusted by citizens around the world.


The "Seven Star V2 " we are introducing this time has an impressive pop design that is not often seen on other watches.

Two colors, orange and blue, are used for the indexes on the dial, and there are orange bar indexes at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions.

Dot indexes are used for other time displays.

In addition, the tips of the bar hands are also colored orange, giving the design a uniform look while also taking into consideration visibility.

The black dial brings out the orange and blue colors more clearly, giving the watch a more pop-like design.

The Citizen logo and pet name are located at the 9 o'clock position, and are lined up with the day-date display, so they are arranged so that the entire watch can be seen clearly.

This watch has a great balance between design and practicality.

The movement is equipped with a 25- jewel automatic winding Cal.7290 .

Equipped with a day-date function and a second hand control (hack function), this movement is designed for everyday use.

If you pull the crown one click, you can quickly advance the date by operating the crown.


Size: Height: 40.4mm , Width: 40.6mm , Thickness: 10.8mm , Weight: 78g .

The length and width are around 40mm , so it's not as thick as it looks, so it fits perfectly on your wrist.

The pop design goes well with casual clothing such as sweats and shirts, and it can also be matched with clothing made of high-tech materials, expanding the range of coordination.


In terms of condition, the case has no noticeable scratches and the edges are still intact.

There is no noticeable corrosion on the dial.

The movement is working without any problems, and there are no problems with each function such as the hack function.

*A third-party metal band is attached.

Product Details
Manufacture year Made in 1969
movement Cal.7290 / 25 jewels / automatic winding
case size Length 40.4mm (including lugs) / Width 40.6mm (including crown) / Thickness 10.8mm / Lug width 18mm / Weight 78g (belt included) / Belt length approximately 17cm
case material SS (stainless steel)
accessories Watch body/original case/our store warranty (1 year free warranty)
situation Antique (used)
Waterproof function non-waterproof
Note *This product will be overhauled after you place your order, so it will take approximately 1 to 2 months to ship.
Thank you for your understanding.

*The color may look slightly different on the screen and in real life. note that.

*This product is also sold in stores. Although we update the stock quantity from time to time, there may be times when the product you have purchased is out of stock. Please note that in the unlikely event that there is no scheduled arrival, we may cancel your order.

All of the watches we carry in our store are internally inspected by a professional watch mechanic when they arrive, and are determined to be genuine before being sold, so you can use them with confidence.

When you purchase your watch, we will deliver it to you with a new leather strap.
Please select your desired color from the order selection tab and place your order.
*For products with genuine watch straps or metal bands, the leather strap will not be attached and will be sent separately as a spare.
We will also send you a special case for the watch when shipping.

●Be sure to check the information after purchasing an antique watch●

At Amboy, when we sell antique watches, we do not hand them over to you immediately after receiving your order, but instead request an overhaul (hereinafter referred to as OH) from a professional craftsman, and then deliver the watch after the OH is completed. (Duration is approximately 1-2 months)

Our professional craftsmen, who are certified as watch repair technicians, will completely disassemble your watch, replace consumable parts such as internal gaskets, clean it, lubricate it, and maintain it to the point where it is within ±1 minute per day.
We will also send you our own OH certificate, as well as photos of the machine when it was disassembled and serviced, to show you what kind of work was done during the OH upon delivery.

Of course, due to the nature of the product itself being a used item, there is no guarantee that it will never break, but we have taken this precaution so that you can enjoy the original performance of the watch and use it with confidence in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

When purchasing a product, we provide a one-year warranty period depending on the model. Even if the product is out of date, we will repair it for a fee. If you don't have a repair shop near you, please feel free to contact us.

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