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ELGIN ~40's LORD ELGIN Cal.626~

ELGIN ~40's LORD ELGIN Cal.626~

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In the 1940s , it is an introduction of Elgin "Lord Elgin Cal.626 ".

 American watchmaker Elgin started in 1864 under the name of the National Watch Company, and later changed its name to the current Elgin in 1974 .

Since one of the founding members was a Waltham watch craftsman, Elgin's technical capabilities had a good reputation from the beginning, and it did not take long to join the ranks of major companies.

 At its peak, the company employed more than 2,000 staff and made 1,000 movements a day , delivering military watches during World War II. It was one of the watch brands to do.


Lord Elgin is a model that was sold as the highest specification in general sales watches.
The 14k gold-plated Art Deco rectangular case is decorated at the four corners, and when viewed from the side, it has a gentle curve that forms a mountain.
Thanks to this curve, not only does it fit well when worn, but it also gives it a characteristic voluminous appearance.

 The dial is based on silver and has an upright index with gold Arabic numerals.
A fine circle line is engraved in the circle of the small second, which not only increases visibility, but also gives a gorgeous appearance.
In addition, the lug part is covered with a cover so that the belt connection is not visible.

The installed movement is " Cal.626 " 21- stone hand-wound.
It is characterized by a rust-resistant spring and excellent anti-magnetic performance among movements of the time, and of course, the accuracy is also excellent, as it is a high-end machine.
Despite being an 80- year-old watch and not a waterproof model, it is in such good condition that no rust is visible.


The case size is 33.5mm long, 25mm wide, and 11mm thick, which is typical of the 1940s .

It's a small size, but thanks to its thickness and the brilliance of gold, it has the presence of a vintage watch.


The size, design, and everything else of Lord Elgin is calculated with an exquisite balance.
The gold has also aged moderately, making it easy to wear because it is a color that is familiar to the skin, and it goes well with formal styles such as jackets and shirts.
This is exactly the one that embodies the vintage American watch.

Product Details
production age 1940's
movement Cal.626 Manual winding
case size Length 33.5mm (including lugs) / Width 25mm (including crown) / Thickness 11mm / Lug width 16mm
case material 14KGF (gold filled)
accessories Watch body/original case/our store warranty (1 year free warranty)
situation Antique (used)
Waterproof function Non-waterproof
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Watches are completely disassembled by professional watch repair technicians, replacing consumable parts such as internal packing, cleaning, lubricating, etc., and maintaining the watch to a condition with a daily difference of ± 1 minute.
In addition, we will also send you our own OH certificate, as well as a photo of the machine when it was disassembled and repaired, as well as what kind of work was done at the time of delivery.

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