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OMEGA 65's Seamaster CHRONOMETER Cal.564

OMEGA 65's Seamaster CHRONOMETER Cal.564

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Introducing the 1965 Omega Seamaster Chronometer.

 During the Age of Discovery in the 18th century, a navigational technology called celestial navigation was invented to accurately determine the position in the vast ocean. As a result, the demand for watches with higher precision has increased.

Therefore, it is said that the safety of voyages was greatly improved by the development of the "marine chronometer", which is a ship clock with high precision that can withstand the shaking caused by violent waves.

Later, when mass-producing marine chronometers, standards were created to guarantee accuracy, and even today, in order to display chronometers, it is necessary to clear strict tests based on the current standards.
Therefore, the chronometer is a proof of high precision.


A Seamaster proudly engraved with a chronometer under the Omega logo.
Black onyx is used for the bar-type upright index, giving it a luxurious feel.

It goes very well with the sunray finish dial, which is discreet yet firmly reflects the light beautifully.

It is also characteristic that the color of the dial has changed to a beautiful vintage ivory tone.

The installed movement is Cal.564 , self-winding with 24 jewels.

The red machine, which is also beautiful to look at, is engraved with the proof that it is a chronometer specification, and the accuracy is guaranteed.
The date function is equipped with a quick change function that allows you to fast forward the date by pulling the crown, and it is a movement that is not only mechanically beautiful but also highly practical.


The case size is 42.7mm in length and 37.2mm in width, making it easy to wear.

The case is a simple round case, so it goes well with various belts, so you can change it to a nylon belt in spring and summer, and a leather belt or metal band in autumn and winter.


The case has minor scratches from use, but the movement works well.
The Seamaster shows various expressions depending on the belt while wearing a calm and elegant atmosphere.
It is a truly versatile piece that can be worn according to TPO .

Product Details
production age 1965s
movement Cal.564 24 jewels self-winding
case size Length 42.7mm (including lugs) / Width 37.2mm (including crown) / Thickness 11mm / Lug width 18mm
case material SS (stainless steel)
accessories Watch body/original case/our store warranty (1 year free warranty)
situation Antique (used)
Waterproof function Non-waterproof
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