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ROLEX 64's OYSTER DATE Cal.1210 / ref.6466

ROLEX 64's OYSTER DATE Cal.1210 / ref.6466

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Introducing the 1964 Rolex Oyster Date Precision.

 PRECISION means "precision, precision", and even if it has not received chronometer certification to prove the accuracy of the watch, it was written on some Rolex models equipped with highly accurate and reliable movements.


This precision has a boy's size of 33 mm in width, and the case size is small, but thanks to the streamlined body of the Oyster case and the characteristic thick design, it has a modest yet reliable presence, making it easy to wear for both men and women.

 The dial is based on a glossy silver dial with alpha hands coated with light green luminous paint.

And the wedge index of the upright has been subjected to multifaceted cut processing, and reflects light more complicatedly.
Although it is a simple decoration, you can feel the appearance of a beautiful vintage watch by adding a little effort.

The installed movement is Cal.1210 , 17 stone hand-wound specification.

The Cal.1200 series is said to be the perfection of hand-wound movements, and the fact that the Cal.1210 series has been in production for over 30 years proves its high degree of perfection.
It is a movement that is easy to maintain, not only for its accuracy, but also for its stability and ease of maintenance.


The movement works well and the calendar function works fine.
The case and dial are also in good condition, maintaining a beautiful state that does not make you think it was in the 1960s .
The belt is also equipped with a genuine Rolex belt, and it is in a state where no elongation due to aging can be seen.


The Oyster Date Precision is easy to wear for both men and women.

With a neat look, it can be worn from business to casual, so you can enjoy various coordination.
Because it is an individual that is easy to maintain, it is recommended for first-timers and those who want a Rolex that is different from others.

Product Details
production age 1964s
movement Cal.1210 / 17 jewels / manual winding
case size Length 36.5mm (including lugs) / Width 33mm (including crown) / Thickness 11.3mm / Lug width 17mm / Belt size 17cm
case material SS (stainless steel)
accessories Watch body/original case/our store warranty (1 year free warranty)
situation Antique (used)
Waterproof function Non-waterproof
Note *This product will be overhauled after you place your order, so it will take about 1-2 months to ship.
Thank you for your understanding.

*The color of the actual product may look slightly different from what you see on your screen. note that.

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All watches handled by our shop are inspected internally by a professional watch mechanic upon arrival, and are sold only after they have been determined to be genuine, so you can use them with confidence.

When you purchase a watch, we will deliver it with a new leather strap.
Please select the desired color from the order selection tab and place an order.
*For genuine watch belts and products with metal bands, the leather belt will not be attached and will be sent separately as a spare.
In addition, we will also send you a special case for the watch at the time of shipment.

●Guidance after purchasing an antique watch, please be sure to check the contents●

At Amboy, when we sell antique watches, we don't hand them over to you immediately after you place an order. (Period is about 1-2 months)

Watches are completely disassembled by a watch repair technician qualified as a first-class watch repairer, replaced with consumable parts such as internal packing, cleaned, and lubricated.
In addition, we will also send you our own OH certificate, what kind of work was done at the time of delivery, and a photo of the machine when it was disassembled and maintained.

Of course, since the product itself is a second-hand product, there is no guarantee that it will never break, but we will do this so that you can enjoy the original performance of the watch and use it with confidence in the future.

At the time of product purchase, we offer a one-year warranty period depending on the model. Even if the period has passed, the product will be charged, but we will properly accept repairs. If you do not have a repair shop near you, please feel free to contact us.

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